How to remodel small bedrooms

Living in a small space can be tricky. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when nothing has its own place. A bedroom should be practical and is hard when one does not know where things are. Any small bedroom can be maximized choosing the colors wisely by focusing on the function and preventing disorder at all costs.


  1. Pick a color that makes the most of the space. If you intend to paint the whole room, opt for a clear tone. If you are determined to use a dark color, choose a wall to paint and leave the rest of the room with a neutral color.
  2. Apply two coats to achieve a uniform color.
  3. Use a palette of colors to choose which can be combined with the rest of the room. Try Color smart in to make a wise decision. Opt for quilts, art and accessories to complement the room.
  4. In a small room all must serve for a purpose. Whenever possible, you have that things have two purposes. Choose a bed that is also used to sit. For a very small room, opt for a futon that can function as a sofa during the day or even a murphy bed those folds into the wall.
  5. Place a yoga mat under a carpet comfortable to have to lift just to have a place to do your exercises.
  6. Choose lighting devices that are versatile. Place floor lamps that have shelves built to avoid having to place them on a wall.
  7. Keep flat surfaces ordered. Once you’ve lost the battle with the nightstand, will continue with the desktop. Don’t leave papers and trash accumulates on the table to keep your room tidy and make it look bigger.
  8. Everything should have its place. If you need a specific item you should have a designated storage location. You do not need an item, throw it away or donate it to avoid clutter in your room.
  9. Take it or leave it. You must get rid of anything you have not used for over a year.