The advantages of houses with cement blocks

Construction companies often using concrete blocks with holes 4 inches (10 cm) behind the exterior brick in the 50s, Builders are again seeing the many benefits of block houses in the XXI century, for them and for customers. The foam insulation can be easily used to fill pores and spaces in the blocks. The materials are also cheaper for builders, helping them maximize revenues. But most of the inherent advantages of block houses belong to owners.


The block houses are much more durable than typical brick, the tables or plastic slats and wood. The builders in areas of severe weather, including Florida and Kansas, block houses can be used to protect homes from hurricanes and tornadoes. The concrete slab is best held against strong winds, and has also stood the test of earthquakes and fires. Moreover, residents of houses from blocks are not typical termite problems and the characteristic folds of wooden houses.

Low cost insurance

Most block homeowners enjoy lower rates of insurance. This type of houses is usually assigned a confirmation of “superior construction” by insurance companies, according to the Carolina Concrete Masonry Association. Insurance companies often take several factors into consideration when secure properties including replacement costs and structure. Block houses are basically free of problems relating to typical problems faced by owners. For example, concrete blocks are not susceptible to decay as are the wooden houses.

Energy efficient

Block all households are made to maximize energy efficiency. They can usually withstand inclement weather in summer and winter. The blocks serve as reservoirs in warm, humid climates, trapping heat from the sun. It has been found that the penetration of air in normal homes cause a power loss of up to 39%, according to experts Concrete Block Homes. Block homes are airtight and virtually free of cracks. People can usually enjoy temperatures that fit into their rheostats indoors regardless of climate.


The versatility of the concrete slab is another advantage that these houses have over conventional. The owners do not have to settle for gray outside, but they can paint their homes any color they want. You can even choose design style stucco. You can also have farms or two-story houses built with cement blocks. They have the flexibility to add high ceilings or attics inside. The columns and arches designs can improve the aesthetic beauty of the outdoors.