Ten tips to improve the safety of your home

The beginning of the workweek has become the favorite day for burglars to rob homes. 16.3% of crimes of this type committed in 2012 were registered on Monday, according to the latest study by AXA on 19,675 claims for robbery in housing in 2012.

Housing entries on the first day of the week have grown 1.4 percentage points over 2011, changing the trend of previous years, where the time favorite for the chips to act was Friday. In any case, this day continues to concentrate 15.2% of robberies, which makes it the other time that robbers robbed more in private homes.

On the other hand, on weekends, when homeowners spend more hours in their homes and the presence of neighbors is greater, it remains the period with the least criminal activity: on Saturdays they concentrate 12.9% of robberies in the Household and on Sundays, 12.6%.

In any case, in some Autonomous Communities the trends are different from the average. Thus, it is striking that in Extremadura, Galicia or the Canaries the day with the highest number of home assaults is Tuesday, with a very significant rate of 21.1% in the case of Extremadura. In the same way, against the general trend, in Murcia the day of the week that concentrates a greater number of thefts in the houses is the Sunday, in which 16.5% of the crimes of this type were registered committed Last year in the region.

Ten tips to prevent theft in the home

Although, in general, robberies are more common at the beginning of the week than at the end of this, the data show that thieves do not take any day off. The Ministry of the Interior has issued a Decalogue to keep homes safe from criminal activity.

If you are going to be away for a few days: close doors and windows

When you leave, be sure to close them properly. Also those that give to patios or basements. Always lock, not only with the slip, because it can be easily opened. Make sure your door has at least two closing points. It will take longer to open it and the thief can quit. Check that there is no gap between the door and the floor. To prevent the lever, reinforce the part of the hinges of your door with steel pivots and metal angles. Secure the basement windows with bars. Windows overlooking patios are especially unprotected areas because they are hidden from view, close them when you leave.

That your house seems inhabited is the best deterrent method

Do not completely disconnect the electricity. A disconnected bell is a sign of absence. Do not close the shutters completely. Technology makes it easier for you: automatic timers that turn on and off the lights or the radio help make it look like the house is inhabited. If you leave the house for a few days, ask a neighbor to pick you up the mail. Never hide a spare key near your home or in places like mailbox, pots or counters box. It is where a thief first looks.

If you live outside the town, reinforce surveillance

Illuminates the entrance, porch and front or rear patios. A dog is a good deterrent.

If you leave valuables, store them in a safe place

Do not leave your valuables in sight: keys, checkbooks, card keys or access codes to online banking. If you have to leave valuables, better store them in a safety deposit box. Make an inventory with the serial numbers of electronic devices, make and model and photograph them. In case of theft, it is easier to recover them.

Avoid commenting on your plans with strangers or on social networks

Posting on Facebook or Twitter our holiday schedule is the best way for a thief to know that you will not be at home. Make sure that your children do not report your absence or provide personal information.

Do not open your door or the portal to strangers

Opening the door to strange people compromises your security and that of your neighbors. Do not stay in your house with strangers by phone or the internet. Accept only services that you have previously requested (water, electricity, telephone, gas) and require accreditation to your representatives. Keep the door closed until you can fully identify the caller. In case of assault, do not touch anything from the inside, you could destroy tests.

Citizen collaboration contributes to the safety of all

If you see people lurking or noises in unoccupied housing, call the Police (091) or the Civil Guard (062).

For thieves, all eyes are security cameras.

If you see something strange, give notice. Record the data of the vehicles and people that prowl around the house and give notice. That thieves feel guarded can help them quit.

And remember, avoid risks

If a thief enters your house, never deal with him. Go out and call who can help you.