Repairing a bathroom extractor

Extractors bath your home control odors and dehumidify the air. This prevents moisture buildup and slows the growth of mildew and mold in the shower. If your extractor bath not working properly, it may be possible to solve the problem without installing a new unit. You can buy replacement parts for most bathroom exhaust stores and home improvement directly from the manufacturer’s website.


  1. Make sure your bathroom exhaust switch is on. If still no power or light extractor restarts the circuit breaker from the electric panel of the house.
  2. Release the retaining clips or screws on the cover of the extractor. Pull the cover down to remove the exhaust assembly. If the power cord from the extractor is not connected to the wall inside the cover, reconnect and try the extractor again. If you do not work, use a voltmeter to test the outlet. Contact an electrician to repair the wiring if the reading on the voltmeter is 120 volts.
  3. Turn off the circuit breaker for the bathroom and replace the wall switch controlling the light and bathroom extractor if the unit does not turn on even after controlling electrical outlet.
  4. Turn on the wall switch and listen to the extractor while running. If there is a sound creaked, the motor bearings are failing. Turn off the switch and turn off the power from the circuit breaker. Consult the manual for instructions to remove the motor assembly. For most of the fans you must disconnect the electrical wiring and remove a set of screws. Install a replacement engine and turn on the circuit breaker to restore power.
  5. Clean ventilation to improve suction extractor. Turn off the power and disconnect the exhaust duct to enter if you are not sucking enough air. Remove the remains of the exhaust pipe, then put it back and restore electricity.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a ladder if you’re not tall enough to reach the extractor safely standing on the floor.