Tips for Improving Home Heating

When the trees begin to cover the ground with their leaves it’s a sign that the cold will soon be knocking on the door. That is when it becomes urgent to have a good home heating system. An economic, ecological, profitable and efficient system, such as a pellet stove, which uses biomass as fuel to make the home a pleasant environment. But how can you improve and optimize a pellet stove to heat a home?

The first important point is to take into account the location. Pellet stoves do not have a masonry shell like chimneys, so the heat they produce radiates 360 ° around them. That is why it is important to place the stove in an open room, preferably with a single wall around it, avoiding corners, thus the diffusion of heat has fewer barriers.

These home heating systems have a high calorific value, so with very little “pellet” fuel they are able to generate a lot of heat.  However, that heat can be reduced to your surroundings in large rooms. In these cases, in order to promote the diffusion of the produced heat it is advisable to install a pellet stove with integrated ventilation system.

Not all pellets are suitable for use in biomass stoves. As with chimneys there are woods that are better than others, with greater calorific power. So when buying pellets you must check that it has a low degree of humidity, that in the pressing it has been given a suitable density and that they come from sustainable productions, for example the pellets made with traces of olive bones.

The air to a pellet stove is supplied from below, thus ensuring that all biomass fuel has sufficient combustion and the fire has the required intensity. Lack of air causes fumes and poor heating, so it is important to clean the ash drawer frequently, preferably before each use and before each winter season use a chimney sweep cleaner suitable for pellet stoves to clean the evacuation ducts of fumes.

Finally, make sure that the room where the stove is is properly ventilated, which favors a better heating of the home.