Secrets to grout tile shower

You did your research and learn to install plates based cement, tiles, glue and all unforeseen aspects of a construction project. Make put blood, sweat and tears in the work of the shower with new tile, and the end result shows your effort. However, the remaining step, grout tile shower, you can easily make or break the quality of your tile project. Remember to use sanded grout for grout lines of 1/8 inch (0.31 cm) or larger, and for use unhanded grout lines less than 1/8 inch (0.31 cm).

Consistency and application

Achieving the correct consistency of the slurry is the first secret of this for tiles for the shower. For example, the slurry is too thin or “soup” made ​​a terrible mess that needs cleaning additional and unnecessary physical effort. Those skilled in place tiles mixed until a slurry consistency and the average thickness applied with a rubber spatula new. Which apply rubbing in grout lines, then “cut” the excess back at an angle of 45 degrees with rubber spatula. Also, make sure the grout compact grout joints, preventing any formation of hollow point in it.

Test area and take your time

When grouting begins slowly and rub an area of ​​initial test to see how it responds to the slurry material. This way you can get an idea of ​​how far you can get the grout. For example, if the grout dries within minutes, it is a good idea not to pay too much grout too fast. Take your time and do good work, extend the grout too far can result in disaster tiles.

Drying time

Wait 30 minutes to an hour to allow grout joints to dry until a medium consistency before washing the excess grout with a sponge and water. Faster drying times are possible in the heat; slower drying times are common in cold conditions. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to know the proper temperature of the slurry. Try to speed things up by washing too early only make the grout lines and restoring whole process slurry is washed. Also, keep in mind that often the grout dries faster on the tile surface but is still wet in the grout lines. Keep free shower tiles grout as much as possible during the process to prevent damage to the surface of the tiles.

Grout release

Expert’s tillers use a liberating grout (also known as penetrating sealer) to seal the surface of porous natural stone or ceramic tile shower. A grout release effectively blocking much of the staining properties of cement slurries and prevents them from drying too quickly in the joints or on the surface of the tile. Stores and home improvement providers are penetrating sealers tiles used as a grout release.